The E-ARMM System

The Expanded Road Mapping and Management (E-ARMM) System is an online repository of DPWH-ARMM projects. It was first conceptualized and created during the leadership of then Regional Secretary of the Department, Emil K. Sadain, with the support of the ARMM Regional Governor Hon. Mujiv Hataman. The System was enhanced by the current Secretary, Don Mustapha Loong, and sustained by continuous collaboration of the Regional Office with the eight (8) District Engineering Offices in the region. Collaborative efforts focus on provision of actual data on DPWH-ARMM projects, data validation through geotagged photos, and Routeshoot (a mobile phone app) and drone-captured videos, and evaluation of current condition and percentage accomplishment of the said projects. The general process of how E-ARMM works is shown below.

Transparency and efficiency in project monitoring are the core goals of the E-ARMM System. There are however, challenges which contribute to the complexities of the System’s management and processes. One is the logistical limitations due to geographical formation, especially in the islands of BASULTA (Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi). Another is the existing inadequacy in Information Technology among DEOs, which have the crucial role in data upload and processing.

Fund Source
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Mode of Implementation
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Sample Route Shoot View
Sample GIS Map View
Sample Drone-captured Video View
Geo-processing / GIS / Data Uploading